Oct 10
Australian Macworld

Australian Macworld

Dear [Group Name],

I have been commissioned by Niche Publishing, the publishers of Australian Macworld to produce a list of all Macintosh User Groups in Australia, that will then be published in the December 2005 issue.

To ensure that we publish the correct information for your group, could you please take a few moments to check the following details we currently have listed for you. If they are correct, could you please just reply to confirm, otherwise please make any corrections and email us.

Group: [Group Name]
Phone: [Phone]
Email: [E-mail Address]
Website: [Website]

Due to press lead time and other considerations, it would be appreciated if you could supply us with confirmation of your details BEFORE 5pm Friday October 14, 2005.

Also, commencing with the January 2006 issue, Australian Macworld will be publishing a list of all MUG meetings for the coming month and we would like to include your group’s meetings.

The proposed format of the listings is;

Day DD: Group Name
Event Name


Fri 25: AUSMUG
Monthly Meeting: Podcasts
Sat 26: VICMUG
Beginners Group

To assisit with preparing the list each month, it would appreciate if your group could supply us with details for your forthcoming meeting details each month by sending us an email BEFORE our deadline listing the above information.

If you have a regularly updated iCal calendar, please let us know so we can subscribe and thus automatically receive your updated information.

The deadline for submissions will be the first of the month prior to publication, eg, the dates for inclusion in the January issue is due by December 1st and then the date for inclusion in the Feburary issue will be required by January 1, 2006 and so on.

We hope this regular listing will increase the awareness of Macintosh User Groups and the meetings, presentations and events they hold each month and look forward to developing an ongoing relationship with your group.

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