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Meeting Date Request

Meeting Date Request

Hi all,

I’m getting together information about MUG meetings in February 2006 – I know that February 2006 seems a long way off, but by the time you take into account the Xmas/New Year break and printing schedules. it will be upon us in no time at all.

Due to the publishing schedule of Australian Macworld, I need info about your February meeting BEFORE 5pm on Wednesday, December 7, 2005.

What I need is the following info;

  • The Date
  • Your Group Name
  • Title of your Presentation/Event (if you know what is)
  • The URL promoting your meeting/event
  • Entry Cost (if any)

BTW: You may also want to check out an article I just published on how to publish an iCal so that you can publish an iCal of forthcoming events. Many groups do this already and I think it is really useful (particularly for me gathering meeting dates)

The article can be found at, and if you wish to reprint the article in a future issue of your newsletter, please feel free to do so – just follow the reprint rules as found at

A 348k ZIP file with the article and the images can be downloaded from

If you do decide to publish an iCal promoting your events for 2006 (or already have one) let me know; Nicholas Pyers, MUG Resources – usergroups-at-nicholaspyers-dot-com

You may also wish to inform the following people as well, as they can all promote your events on their sites and “newsletters”;

Sandy Foderick, Editor of Apple User Group Bulletin – sfoderick-at-mac-dot-com
Chuck Joiner, Editor of The MUG Center – chuck-at-mugcenter-dot-com
Greg Sharp, Webmaster of AUSMUG – webmaster-at-australian-dot-macusersgroups-dot-org
Graeme Moffat, Apple Regional Liaison Oceania – gmoffatt-at-i4free-dot-co-dot-nz

Also, consider posting the announcement to the Apple User Group Discussion List; , so other Groups know what is happening within your organisation.

I look forward to hearing back from you regarding your February Meetings and hopefully also about your iCals.

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