Mar 01
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Latest News Stack

Further to recent discussions, over on the AppleUsers-Discuss Mailing, about donating older Macs to worthy causes, one has caught my eye.

A friend of mine, Daniel Kadane, is gathering older Macs (G3 and above) for re-furbishing and distribution to victims of the Victoria Bushfires.

He has obtained the support of the St Vincent De Paul’s Society to help distribute the re-furbished machines, but first he is need of donations of older surplus machines and software.

I’m hoping the various Apple User Groups, particularly those in Victoria, can pass the word on to your members and perhaps even arrange to
a) have Daniel talk to your members at one of your meetings about how he is arranging the project and how your members can help, and
b) have a member in your group act as a ‘central’ collection point for machine for Daniel then to arrange collection for that one location rather than running all over the country side.

Even if hardware becomes too difficult for interstate groups to arrange, software, particularly copies of the Mac OS, would be greatly appreciated. Or even promoting the Mac Donate project in your newsletters and on your websites would help.

Details about the Mac Donate project can be found online at

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