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Free 4-Week Digital Photography Course

Free 4-Week Digital Photography Course

Creativetechs are at it again… this time they are offering a Free 4-Week Digital Photography Course, commencing July 16th (Australian time).

This special course is taught by photographer John Greengo from the PBS series Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge.

John begins the course with images and stories from his world travels with Art Wolfe. This talk will shape fundamentals of camera, technique, and composition discussed in later weeks. He does a marvelous job making technical photography subjects relevant, understandable and yes, fun.

You’ll learn things like how different aperture settings on your camera effect depth of field in your images, and why that matters for your images.

More importantly, you’ll be inspired to take your personal photography to a deeper level.

The sessions are held on Thursdays (Australian Time)
July 16: Overview. Life of a World Traveling Photographer.
July 23: Your Camera.
July 30: Your Technique.
Aug 6: Composition Secrets.

For those of you in Western Australian, the session commence at 2am, whilst those in the Eastern states of Australia, the start time works out to be 4am. The courses run for approximately 90-minutes each and then have about 30-minutes extra for a Q&A session.

But don’t let the times deter from participating – the feedback I’ve heard about previous sessions is these free classes by creativetech are worth losing some sleep over! You can pay hundreds of dollars for other courses and only get a tenth of the information that creativetech’s productions provide FREE OF CHARGE!

So, sign up to creativetech’s Free 4-Week Digital Photography Course NOW!
And be sure to let all the members of your Apple User Group know about this course as well!

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