May 27
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Hello All,

It’s been far to long since I last wrote to you all, but plenty of things have been happening and there are lots of exciting things to announce in coming months.

But for now we have;

  • Free Mousepose License for MUGs
  • MUG 2.0 from The MUG Center
  • Peachpit Experience Double Feature

Mousepose License

The first announcement is I’ve arranged with Boinx for each Australian Macintosh User Group to receive a free Mousepose 2 NFR licence.

Mousepose 2 is an essential tool for everyone doing presentations or demos. If turned on, it dims the screen and puts a spotlight on the area around the mouse pointer, easily guiding the audiences attention to an area of interest.

This means you’ll be able to use Mousepose during your presentations and demonstrations to draw attention to the appropriate portion of the screen and if required, display which keyboard shortcuts you are using.

More information about Mousepose, including the downloadable installer, can be found at;

The demo version runs for 5 minutes before quitting and the application runs on both PPC and Intel Macs.

Mousepose normally costs US$14.95 (approx AUD$19.20) and in return for this generous donation, it would be nice if you acknowledge Boinx in EACH presentation you actually use Mousepose in, and perhaps include a slide in the presentation, or a small banner on your website or in your newsletter. I will be arranging hi-res copies of the Boinx logo etc for all those who register for this offer.

To claim the copy for your group please email me before 5pm EST, Saturday June 2nd, 2007 with the following information to be used for the registration key;

Your Name:
Your MUG Name:
Email Address:

NOTE: This NFR licence will belong to the actual MUG, not an individual, for use on the club’s main presentation computer, so my recommendation is to provide a generic club email address. Also, only ONE person from each group should apply.

MUG 2.0

Have you been keeping an eye on the MUG Center’s “MUG 2.0” series… if not you, and your full committee, should be checking them out as they are published each week.

The “MUG 2.0” articles is a weekly column, written by Chuck Joiner and published on the MUG Centre, which contains short, yet comprehensive ideas on how to help evolve your MUG into a MUG 2.0 group. Many of the ideas are simple and very easy to implement… it’s just that sometimes we all overlook the basics, and the article will remind us of these. Other ideas often just need a pointer in the right direction to get us started.

The full series to date can be found, in reverse publication order (ie current article is at the top and the original is at the bottom) can be found at;

Also, remember to register at The MUG Center, so you can post comments about your experiences after implementing these ideas.

Peachpit Experience Double Feature

Has your group registered with Peachpit? Not only can you get free books from them, they also offer resources for you to host a meeting covering Photoshop World and Macworld Expo.

The Peachpit Experience Double Feature is here and ready for a screening at your next meeting. Formerly called the Meeting-in-a-Box, The Peachpit Experience brings you over two hours, on two DVDs, of your favorite Mac and Photoshop authors. Get your members ready to experience the live action from the Peachpit booth at both Photoshop World Las Vegas and Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco!

For more information visit;

Promote your Podcast

Marsee from O’Reilly’s is looking for user group videos or podcasts to blog about at If you have one you want to share, send her a short description and the url so people can watch and listen. Do you have any other special events or news O’Reilly should know about? Send them along any time and Marsee will fit them in as she can.

For more information;

Well, that’s enough from me for this time. Remember to get those details in for the Mousepose licence before Saturday.

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