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Hi All,

[First a reminder – Don’t forget to send me you APRIL MUG Events Calendar Listings BEFORE 5pm Tomorrow (Sunday, Feb 18) and thanks to all those who have done so already]

But the main purpose of this email is to highlight an article, that is the first of many to come, which was just posted to the MUG Center, as its’ topic is something ALL MUGs need to consider… Our Future!

The Future of MUGs: User Groups 2.0

Feb 17, 2006

How are user groups doing in the 21st century? That’s an open question. Judging by the number of stories covered here on The MUG Center, there is plenty of excitement and activity in the world of Mac User Groups.

At the same time, when we all attend conferences or discussions of MUG leaders or enthusiasts, the questions being raised are the same ones that have been plaguing user groups for years: How do we get more/new members? How do we find volunteers? How do we serve the needs of the novice and expert at the same time?

Worse, in the past few years, some highly visible voices in the Mac community have commented on how user groups are addressing (or failing to address) the changes in the Apple industry and where MUGs fit in.

Think about it: in a world reshaped by technological empowerment, a series of communications revolutions and an ever-increasing velocity of change, the vast majority of user groups continue to operate with the same basic model they used when formed. If Apple done the same, we might all be using a Color Classic.

In short, MUGs have to evolve. (more)

For the rest of the story, please visit;

future of mugs ยป

and stay tuned for further articles.

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