Feb 19
Meeting Date Request

Meeting Date Request

Hi All,

Time passes so quickly – it seems like only yesterday that I wrote to you all seeking details for your March meetings and here I am asking about APRIL.

As mentioned last time, April 1, 2006 is the Thirtieth Anniversary of Apple Computer. I already know a few groups have special events planned – If YOUR group is planning on a special celebration of this milestone, please let me know so it can be included in MUG Event Calendar.

You may want to think about letting the following people know as well, as they can all promote your events on their sites and “newsletters”;

Sandy Foderick, Editor of Apple User Group Bulletin – sfoderick-at-mac-dot-com
Chuck Joiner, Editor of The MUG Center – chuck-at-mugcenter-dot-com
Greg Sharp, Webmaster of AUSMUG – webmaster-at-australian-dot-macusersgroups-dot-org
Graeme Moffat, Apple Regional Liaison Oceania – gmoffatt-at-paradise-dot-net-dot-nz

And, consider posting the announcement to the Apple User Group Discussion List, so other Groups from around the world can know what is happening within your organisation.

Anyway, what I need from you all, by 5pm Sunday, February 19th (a week from now) is the following info;

  • The Date
  • Your Group Name
  • Title of your Presentation/Event (if you know what is)
  • The URL promoting your meeting/event
  • Entry Cost (if any)

A few groups emailed me last month asking why don’t I just grab this information straight from their groups website, iCal or even Widget – Well I do actually check those sources when compiling the MUG Event Calendar, but not all groups keep that information up to date (and some groups don’t even have a website, yet!). Also with over twenty groups to keep track of these days, it can be easier to have you email me the current details so I don’t over look a group in the listing.

I also thought I share some other feedback I’ve received from a few MUGs – there appears to be some increase in Mac Users’ awareness of MUGs around Australia since the inception of the MUG Listing in December’s Australian Macworld and the MUG Event Calendar, which is great to hear. A few MUGs ask where new members heard about the group from and a few have responded that they saw that there was a group “local” to them in Macworld, so they enquired about – and in many cases these people joined. Hopefully your group is also seeing increased interested and more importantly, increased membership.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

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