Mar 24
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Hi again,

I thought you may be interested to know that Chuck Joiner has posted a new installment of the User Group 2.0 series of articles – User Groups 2.0: What Does “Group” Mean?

The article starts of with “The next step in our User Groups 2.0 discussion is our most ambitious yet.

In the last article I talked about funding your group, and we’ve received even more positive feedback on that, as well as several lists of different group’s prioritizations.

This time I commit something akin to heresy by asking: do you even need a group? Does the “group” part of “Mac user group” refer to a leadership team? Or does it refer to the people who participate in an organized Mac-centric activity?

There’s no question that building and operating a Mac user group is a terrific experience that is even more enjoyable when shared by like-minded, driven people. But what if you don’t have anyone who is willing to share the burdens? Or what if, as your organization evolves, your compatriots lose their interest, enthusiasm, or just get tired?

You could decide to do your thing solo, organizing events and activities for your Mac using friends and the local Mac community, participate as something we’ll call a “Mac user activist” (MUA) until someone comes up with a better phrase and a better acronym.

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