Apr 14
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MUG Center

The following appeared on The MUG Center and I encourage all Australian MUGs to double check to see if they have an entry there (some of you do, and some don’t).

If your group DOES have any entry, make sure it is current and correct (and perhaps drop Chuck an email so he knows it is correct and who you are ;). If there are mistakes, then also let him know – I can see at least one really obvious mistake and another minor mistake in there.

If your group DOES NOT have an entry, then inform Chuck about your group and get an entry created. Remember this is FREE, year round, publicity for your group and it’ll only take a few minutes to fire off an email and get listed.

I would like to see all 24 “known” Australian MUGs listed by the end of the of the week 😉 (There are currently only “nine” “known & active” Australian groups there – why isn’t yours????

Jump straight to the Australian listings;

surfboard »

– Start –

Surf’s Up! Spring Clean Your MUG’s Listing on The TMC Surfboard Apr 13, 2006

Spring is starting to show up in parts of the northern hemisphere and that means it is time to clean out and straighten up. That’s what The MUG Center is doing with the Surfboard, our analog listing of Mac user groups around the world.

We started the Surfboard as a place Mac User Groups could have a free listing on an analog page. Targeted and searchable databases such as Apple’s User Group Locator are terrific if you know where you’re going, but there is still something appealing and impressive about a single page of links that go to MUGS all over the world.

mug listings »

Is your group listed? Is your link correct? Mac user groups are always evolving, adapting and changing things…including their URLs. Visit the Surfboard to check your listing; if it is correct, terrific! If not, email the updated information (group name, preferred acronym or abbreviation, city, state, country and URL) to and we’ll get your group listed or updated.

mugcenter surfboard »

– End –

Remember EMAIL Chuck– Don’t just reply to this message.

Also, while your doing this you may wish to double check your club’s listings at;

Apple US Usergroups
Apple Australia Usergroups

and again either update or ADD your group to these listings.

Also inform the following people if your groups details have changed;

Apple Regional Liaison for Oceania (Graeme Moffat)
Australian Macworld MUG Event Calendar (Nicholas Pyers)

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