Apr 19
Latest News Stack

Latest News Stack

The monthly request for June 2006 meeting information; Plus announcing the MUG Event Listing Mailout Archive; and discussions about resources available for web site development.

Hi All,

Yet again, that time is upon us – The info is required for your JUNE 2006 meetings.

Can you please supply the following information about your JUNE meeting, BEFORE 5pm Sunday April 30, 2006;

  • The Date (including the DAY)
  • Your Group Name
  • Title of your Presentation/Event (if you know what is)
  • The URL promoting your meeting/event
  • Entry Cost (if any)

MUG Event Listing Mailout Archive

A few of you have asked if I could resend previous emails because either they had been misplaced the original, or someone new had taken over provinding the monthly MUG Event info and they were interested in “catching up” on past mailouts.

The simplest way to acheive this was to a create a simple archive of the messages on my website, which I have now done and it is available for all to read.

Please let other members of your Committee and MUG Leadership know about this archive.


Many groups are either in the middle of creating a website, or updating their website, which is great to see.

If you are working on your group’s website, or even if you aren’t at present, here are some resources that you may find benefical;

The MUG Center has a great section entited “Macintosh User Group Web Site Tips” that has great ideas for MUG websites.

mug center tips »

Lesa Snider-King, The Graphic Reporter, has some great tutorials on website navigation and her Top 10 Search Engine Optimizations Tips.

web design tutorials »

search engine optimization »

For the last couple of years at the User Group University, Terry White, who is the President of MacGroup-Detroit, Michigan and also happens to be Adobe System’s Technical Resources Manager for North America, conducts a presentation covering ideas and feedback for MUG websites. The 2006 presentation, “User Group Websites That Work” is available as a QuickTime file, that can be viewed online or downloaded and listened to in QuickTime Player or iTunes.

terry white »

The MUG Center also has a number of Terry’s, Lesa’s and other people’s presentations that were presented at previous User Group Univeristies – most are audio files, but a number also have presentation materials like the slides. Just scroll down to the “MUG Communications” section and even though some of these are a couple of years old, you’ll still find a wealth of information.

mug center leadership »

I have also conducted a number of presentations on Web Development that may be of use, including how to make money from your group’s website; getting your site visable on search engines; and some cool site extras that can help spice up your site.

site extras »

search engine visibility »

making money »

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