Apr 30

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Voila Icon

The team at Global Delight would like to present before you an All-in-One Screen Capturing Software for your Mac – Voila.

How many times have you wished you could make a quick video off your desktop to explain something? Or capture a few windows to paste them onto your documents or manuals? How about archiving some web pages? Voila lets you do all this and much more…

With Voila, you can…

  • Record high-quality full-resolution videos
  • Capture your desktop, web pages or from the camera
  • Apply Annotations and Effects to the captures, making them more interesting and informative
  • Use the smart Organizer to handle all the images & videos
  • Share instantly via YouTube, Flickr , FTP, SFTP and Mail

Interesting? Why not try the 30-days full-featured trial version of Viola.

What’s the offer?

  • An online demo (approx. 20 mins) via screen sharing on how Voila works, during one of your monthly meetings
  • A give away of two Not For Resell copies of Volia for two lucky members after the demo
  • A special Off-the-Street discount for 30 days, only for your members

To accept this offer, your Apple User Group leader (your President or Meeting Co-ordinator are the most appropriate officers) must contact Global Delight using the email address supplied in their original email offer. If you don’t have this, contact Nicholas here at and we’ll put you in contact with Global Delight.

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