Jul 27

sofacontrol-logoHi All,

CASE Apps have supplied a limited number of Not For Resale licenses of Sofa Control for use by Australian Macintosh User Groups.

Sofa Control allows users to utilise the Apple Remote that now ships with most new Macintosh systems to control a wide of applications and vastly improve functionality in the standard supported applications.

You can really customise Sofa Control to do all sorts of thing including get it to record audio whilst running a Keynote presentation.

You really just need to play with Sofa Control, even for just 5 minutes, to fall in love with its’ incredibly powerful, yet simple to use, features. This is THE app that Apple should include with all new Macs so users can get the full benefit of the Apple Remote.

Sofa Control requires Mac OS X 10.4 and an Apple Remote.

To find out more about Sofa Control and to download a fully functional demo (just time limited to 30 minutes per launch) visit;

To claim a copy of Sofa Control for your MUG, just email me BEFORE 5pm Friday September 4, 2007 the following details;

  • Your MUG Name
  • The type of computer you normally use for your presentations (eg iBook, MacBook, iMac etc)
  • The presentation package you use (Keynote, Powerpoint, other or nothing)

In return for CASE App’s support, it is suggested that MUGs that use Sofa Control could doing the following to acknowledge their support;

  • Place a link (either text or a graphic button) promoting CASE Apps support on your web pages.
  • Verbally acknowledge CASE Apps support with something along the lines of “Thank you for the generous support of CASE Apps for supplying a copy of Sofa Control, which has allowed XYZ MUG to simply and easily control this presentation” at the end of each presentation you’ve used Sofa Control;
  • When providing the verbal acknowledgment, a copy of the Sofa Control logo is displayed in the presentation.

Also, you may also want to use the supplied copy of Sofa Control to conduct an actual presentation showcasing the benefits and features of Sofa Control to your members.

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