Jun 19

Global Delight LogoVoila is a professional creativity tool for Mac OS X Leopard that lets you capture your screen, annotate, organize and share and Global Delight are offering Apple User Groups two free copies.

Global Delight wants you to demo Voila during your User Group’s monthly meeting and they are offering two Not For Resale copies: one for the presenter and another as a give away.

To accept this offer, the Apple User Group leader (your President or Meeting Co-ordinator are the most appropriate officers) must contact Global Delight using the email address supplied in the June 17th issue of the Apple User Group Bulletin, with their user group name.

After your presentation, notify Global Delight of the Name and Email address of the winner of your raffle and they will send the NFR of Voila to the winner directly.

Visit Global Delight for more details about Voila and to download a demo copy.

This worldwide offer is valid until September 30, 2009 and is limited to one offer per group.

[More information about the Apple User Group Bulletin (AUGB) can be found at Apple User Group Advisory Board website]

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