Oct 26

iLife '11 Box

iLife '11 Box

After the announcement of iLife ’11 at the recent ‘Back to the Mac’ Special Media Event by Apple on October 20th, there has been a lot of interest in the updated versions of iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband — So it may be worth User Groups looking at demonstrating the new features to their members at their next meeting.

Fortunately, The Apple Sales Web site has some great resources ready for your group’s Apple Ambassador to download and give a professional presentation and demonstration.

Resources that are available from the ASW for helping Apple User Groups present iLife ’11 include;

  • iLife ’11 Product Presentation (with videos) – 897.2MB
  • iLife ’11 Product Presentation (without videos) – 71.9MB
  • Demo content: Mac OS X, iLife ’11, and iWork – 16GB
  • iLife ’11 Demo Guide – 538KB
  • 13 individual QuickTime movies demonstrating the various new features

Here at, we really recommend you look at get the version WITH the videos – some of the features really do make more sense when shown in video format. And although it is a massive 16GB, we strongly recommend you grab the Demo Content and install it into a dedicated ‘Presentations’ account on your laptop. The Demo Guide provides simple step-by-step instructions on how to give a ‘live demo’ of some of the new features in iLife ’11.

Other recent presentations your group may also be interested in, include;

  • Apple TV
  • Mobile Me
  • MacBook Air
  • iPod Family
  • 27-inch LED Cinema Display

Just remember you’ll need to update some slides to reflect Australian pricing and availability.

Have your Apple Ambassador download the presentations from the Apple Sales Website. Don’t know who your Group’s Apple Ambassador is? Or are they having trouble accessing the ASW, then check out our Introducing Apple Sales Web article.

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