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Since posting the “Demonstrating iLife ’11 to Your User Group” article, we’ve had a couple of requests for other presentation ideas – one asking how to find new topics for an hour time slot and another on how to hold an audience’s attention during a 5-10 minute gap in their meetings… and we’ve come up with the same answer for both queries…

Utilise the free “Quick Tips” and “Found Out How” podcasts from Apple!

Each Podcast episode is only a few minutes long and are ideal to show off one or two episodes during a short break.

For a longer period, you can string a couple of episodes together to form the basis of a longer presentation… perhaps use the podcasts to show how a process works, then open the floor up to questions about the topic or continue on with a live demonstration of the topic.

Alternatively, have your presenter(s) use the podcasts to learn how to perform certain tasks and then have them demonstrate the process to your members during the presentation

Some suggested podcasts, Apple User Group leaders could consider subscribing to, include;

  • Mac Quick Tips
  • iPhone Quick Tips
  • Find Out How – iWork ’09
  • Find Out How – Mac Basics
  • Find Out How – iPhoto ’09
  • Find Out How – iMovie ’09
  • Find Out How – GarageBand ’09
  • Find Out How – iWeb ’09
  • Find Out How – MobileMe
  • Find Out How – Aperture 3
  • iPod Tutorials
  • Learn to Podcast

Yes, some of these cover ‘older’ versions of the software, but many of the techniques shown in them apply to later versions as well, and many of your members probably still use these versions.

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