Oct 25

Latest News Stack

Latest News Stack

Please pass this message on to your Magazine and Newsletter Editors…

Recent discussions with a couple of MUG Leaders has lead to the idea of establishing a Newsletter Exchange program between Australian Mac User Groups to help share ideas for events, meetings, articles etc and I think this is a great idea as it can also help foster greater communication between MUGs.

I know not all MUGs have an actual Magazine, but most have a Newsletter of some kind, even if it is a simple plain text email announcement – Regardless of the type newsletter, all of these could be of interest to others.

If you would like to participate in this scheme, have your newsletter editor, or who ever handles your newsletter distribution, to email me using the following link; MUG Newsletter Exchange and include the following information;

Your MUG Name:
The Email Address other MUGs should use to contact you to get YOUR newsletter
Type of Newsletter: PDF; Plain Text; HTML; Printed
Distribution Type: Email; Web Download; Post

I’ll then compile a list of the MUGs that wish to participate and distribute the details to this list.

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